1madz Review – SCAM ?

1madz is a surf to earn and promote to earn. I do not have good impression on it. I provided too many pop-under window and most of link within the site need to pass through AdF.ly. That can help the site to gain more income but that also annoying to members.

For every 25 site you surfed can get 0.02 and to promote their splash  on other Manual Traffic Exchanges, PTC sites, social networking sites & Blogs can get 0.0004 per promote.

Free member can cash out at 10. Do remember, the money you earn from surf and from promotion is separate that you cannot combine them to cash out faster!

I earned after surfed 105 sites and get zero in my account!

I do not know what is wrong!
I only sure that I did not earn anythings from this site.

It claims to give you 0.4 CPM if you promote the link in other surfing website. I did that but I did not get credited in my account.I  promote the link in VastHitsInspirational Hits and some other traffic exchange site to promote the splash page, after a few weeks the record in my account still zero! I do not know if other did get credits to their account. For me, I do not trust this site!

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  1. jasam says:

    i think …..
    first u must become an active member by surfing 300 sites. after that u will be credited for surfing. i am not a member yet, information is from faq page , look at that

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