20$pass in 20Dollar2Surf via Seagames

In Seagames, it is possible to get 20$pass with 3  gold in seagames. For 37.5 Gold Coins can exchange for 15 Euro. That means 3 gold coins = 15 / 37.5 x 3 = 1.2 Euro

When I get a  20$pass, I will mainly use it in Super Referral of 20Dollar2Surf.  Mostly, it will return 6000- 10000 point. That is 6000 – 10000 / 1000 * 0.1095 = 0.657 – 1.095 USD  < 1.2 Euro.

Hence, unless do not want to cashout in Seagames, it will be more smart to keep gold coin in seagame balance. However, cashout function is not always available in seagame which 20dollar2surf keep paying member every month online. If you think you can get cashout soon in seagame, then keep the gold coin. Otherwise, exchange the gold coins to 20$pass and transfer the moneye ean in seagame to 20Dollar2Surf to make it more quicker to reach the min cashout.



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  1. John says:

    I think there site is no longer allow anyone to register as when i try to enter in my email i get 0 email from them past month’s

    i think it best to blacklist them…

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