247TrafficPro [Hitlink] Review

Can 247TrafficPro [now, it is called Hitlink]earn cash?
Basically YES. Can we earn by surfing, No.
You can earn by LUCK!

How much per 15 pages?

For every 15 pages, there is a luck draw. You may get cash, credit, banner Impression and text Impression. You may also play a little gambling by choice a button out of three to triple your reward, that is 33% of winning chance. If you lost, the reward will add the Jackpot of the week. I did surfed 1200 pages and record the reward I get for every 15 pages in a Google Docs Spreadsheet, welcome to take a look at http://adf.ly/4UUaw  . If you think you are good luck, you may also try to earn more activity points for winning Jackpot.

Earn Jackpot by  Activity Points

Each Page Surfed
Logging in to the site (once each day)
Bonus for logging in 5 out of 7 days in a week
Referring a person that activates his/her account
From Promoting
1 – 4

The top 25 Surfer can get the Jackpot of the week,

Last week, the top winner won with 149778 Activity Points, he get

Credits: 572.3
Banner Impression: 1137.1
Text Impression : 1643.6
Cash: 7.318
Referrals: 1

The winner ranked 25 won with  39916 points
Credits: 57.23
Banner Impression: 113.71
Text Impression : 164.36
Cash: 0.732
Referrals: 0

I will try to earn the Jackpot once, that will require me to promo the link in all the Traffic Exchange Site to get more Activity Point. If promo link in EasyHits4U can get 4 points while other only get 1 point only.

Traffic Exchange

To surf a page , around 0.6 credits but there always have  a “Rush Hour Session” that you can earn double of your reward. During “Rush Hour Session”, you have have more than 1:1 Traffic Exchange. I met the “Rush Hour” that is  in 1 am , 1 pm +0 GMT . One special feature of 247TrafficPro is that you do not need to click the button well surf, you just mouseover the button and it will surf for you!

Join 247TrafficPro [Hitlink] :  http://www.hitlink.com/r/taomoney

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