Affiliate Program of BackLinks

I got paid from every month automatically. It is a very trust-able earning site. Some people said their pay is too low. However, if the website is not very strong and in very high ranking. Backlinks is not bad helping to earn a little. At least, it really help me to sell links and pay me online time at the beginning of very month.

Recently, I got paid of 100 USD form their Affiliate Program. I introduced a  advertiser  buys at least $50 per month in text links. I do not know why he is. However, I would like to said thank you! This 100 USD is much easier than selling text link.

They also offer  $25 for each publisher you introduced  that sells at least $5 in text links. Earning 5 USD in backlinks is not difficulty. It should be quite easy to get those 25USD.

If you still not joining backlinks, Click here to join Backlinks 🙂

I Got Paid:

[iframe src= height=100%]

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