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MyLot [Stopped]

MyLot  once is a very good earning site for post in forum and search within the site, it also provide earn by task. However, it stopped and changed to a social networking. That totally changed...

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TrafficRevenue has been closed

TrafficRevenue once is quite hopeful, you may refer to the comparison of MediaCPM vs TrafficRevenue. However, it was closed. They close it in a responsible way. They email member and can withdraw the remaining funds in the account...

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I Got Paid – first quarter of 2013

It is a while I have not post I got paid summary. I have been quite lazy working on online earning recently. 29.03 中岸廣告聯盟ChineseAN (117.00) 04.03 (5.10) 02.03 BackLinks (3.50) 02.03 AuthorityBackLinks (0.90) 26.02 ValePTR (0.84) 02.02 BackLinks (3.00) 02.02 AuthorityBackLinks (0.90) 11.01 DonkeyMails (1.48) 01.01 BackLinks (3.43) I did not earn...