AyuWage Review

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AyuWage is a pay per click, 2-4 credits per click and 2-4 Credits/Site (~0.001 per click). You can get around 82 credits per day.

AyuWage  promise ant time is fixed 10000 credits = 5 USD.

Miniumn payout is 5 via AlertpayPaypal & Liberty Reserve.

If you request payment at 10 USD, AyuWage will you give you 300 credits (That is 0.15 USD).

You can rent referral from AyuWage via 60 credits (5 credits during Happy New Year Bonus). I rent three of them but non of them is active! That I wasted 180 credits that is 90 of my clicks. Referral can help you earn 10% of their earning.

AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

Join AyuWage: http://www.ayuwage.com/?reg=53117

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