– Standard links and Content links

We just introduce how to earn in, then I got an email to notify all members about their new policy.

Standard links and Content links

There are two types of link selling in their platform, the Standard links and the Content links. The standard link is just text link while content link with a sentence of description after the text link, it helps to generate double income then the standard link.

  • Standard link
  • Content link

You can see content link need more space to show the ad. Hence, it is double revenue than standard link.

However, the new policy is that they will unify the revenue of both standard link and content link. That means you will only get the revenue of standard link even it is a content link. explains that can help more advertisers to place Ad that finally more links can be sold.

If more links can be sold that is a good idea, in this moment, I only know that my revenue was 33% less than before.

Standard and Content Link Ad Rates

Home Page Sub Page
PageRank 1 $.50 $.50
PageRank 2 $1 $1
PageRank 3 $2 $1.50
PageRank 4 $3 $2
PageRank 5 $4.50 $3.50
PageRank 6 $12.50 $10
PageRank 7 $30 $25
PageRank 8 $75 $50

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I Got Paid:

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  1. How says:

    Oh! What a bad news!
    Anyway, wish it really can bring more link sold.

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