Best Approved Site for PTP

The Best Approved Site will not be Manuel Traffic Exchange Site as it is not yield high reward per click, the Site with following requirement:

  • Majority of members are T1, T2
  • Generate quite a number of hits per day
  • Reward with good CPM per click ( Email Ads and PTC)

I will recommend JJClix and ValePTR as the best approved site.

  • Points are easy to earn and Ads redeem package are reason.
  • 80% and 43% T1 members which yield good reward

The only disadvantage is daily hits. Sum of them give around 120 hits per day, that only help you to earn 120 x around 0.3 CPM = 0.036. That is around 1 USD per month. Your cost is just to click around 50 banner per day. As there are lots of points for you to earn, there is no difficult to fulfill the requirement.

You may ask why not place Ads in DonkeyMails, the King of PTR with lots of hits per day. That is true but their Ads are expensive too. The cheapest Ads package is Contest PTC, 1,000 clicks – $1.00.  Since banner in DonkeyMails is 0.1 cents, click 1000 of them is 1 USD. It seems nothing lost! However, those 1000 hits to RainingCashEmails, even all are T1, the maximum returned revenue is just 0.6. Then you indeed losing 40% or more!

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