Birejji Review [STOPPED]

Birejji  is a Pay for Chat site, it is re-built for a while. Now, it is back! It with a new layout, a much better look and better script. The rule is a little bit changed. There is no 50% referral bonus anymore. That you need to earn for yourself.

Since it just back, not much chatrooms are there. The chatroom is called village in Birejji. It listed as 0.01P which mean you will get 0.01P for each qualified chat.

Qualified chat meas:

  1. you have Name tagging in each sentence. If you chatting with taomoney, you should include @taomoney in the sentence.
  2. you have more than five words in each sentence.

For 1P, you can redeem 0.01 to your paypal account. That means: 1P = 0.01 USD, 0.01 P = 0.0001 USD.

The cashout is 0.01 USD, it is No Min Pay but it is around 40% slower to earn!

Join Birejji :

I Got Paid:

[iframe src= height=100%]

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