Cash Camel Review

CashCamel is no min pay with lots of Ads for you to click on it!

There are around 200 links for you to click, some is 0.00015, some is 0.0001, more is  0.00005 = 0.005 cents  5 second Ad.

There is a SuperSurf that hit the correct number to get 0.005 cents for every 4 second.

To each 0.01, it takes 1/ 0.005 = 200 click.

In term of Get Paid to Surf , it only get 0.05 CPM that some how is a little bit too low as Easyhits4u provide 0.3 CPM + 1:1 Traffic Exchange.

Extra Earning

Other than PTC, CashCamel also provide  “Promote & Earn Program”.

  • Tweet the link of CashCamel to get 50 PTC Credits per day.
  • Post CashCamel Link in Facebook to get 100 Exchange Credits per day.
  • A 5 Star  Alexa Review to get 2,000 PTC Credits
  • Pin A Proof to get o.o1 cash per proof

Those can help to get access to traffic exchange to get hits to PTP links and get cash too! Once pin 1 proof can reach the cashout already. There is a 1% cashout fee. If you cashout 1 USD, it cost 0.01 fee too! It is wise to cashout at 1 USD to reduce fees.

To Join CashCamel

I Got Paid:

[iframe src=  height=100%]

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  1. Cash Camel will earn very slow, you may try Penny Auction.

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