Cashfiesta Review – SUPER SCAM

Super Scam!

It start at 2000, a very long history website. You download a view bar software and execute it, you will get points. I must admit that the website is in nice design and cute icon. However, it will not pay you!

I cannot believed that still have people recommending this site. I just check their website, they even update the data and make it looks nice very active!  Even with cheque image!

Checks requested in December will be mailed on Friday, December 23, 2011. You can see some scanned checks on this page. Here are some statistics on the Cashfiesta payments:

  • average payment effected in December – $68.45
  • biggest payment effected in December – $114.12 (Vietnamese member)
  • average payment effected for 2011 – $71.49
  • biggest US payment effected for 2011 – $228.15
  • biggest International payment for 2011 – $189.00 (Chinese member)

Be to reminded that all the cheque or get pay proof may not be real! Do not believe other tell you they get pay, and join the site. People will tell lies when want other to be there referral.

I join in since 2000. I earned enough points and never get their payment even after 10 years!

I think Cashfiesta do make a world record for keeping a site running under SCAM condition for more than 10 years!

Want to take a look? Here is the URL

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4 Responses

  1. nathan anderson says:

    i had $84 in points for july and $104. inpoints for this months then they took my points and said this all i did is click on the litle guy walking at the bottom of my screen when he stops


    We detected that you have been using fraudulent methods to increase your earnings. Therefore, we nullified all your points from FiestaBar, referral and bonus points. Our Terms and Conditions allow us to terminate your account in cases like this, but we chose not to do so, because we consider you a valuable member. Since you have completed some Special Offers without using any fraudulent methods, we will leave the points for these registrations.

    Please, make sure not to violate our Terms and Conditions because we will be forced to terminate your account.

    Best regards,
    James Bradshaw
    Cashfiesta Team

  2. Tao says:

    Cashfiesta is a old brand SCAM, I just don’t understand why so many people still promoting it after so many years!

  3. Encod3r says:

    Oh you guys are hilarious. Cashfiesta can never be a scam since to be a scam you would technically have to pay something. Since it’s FREE that technically doesn’t make it a scam. Now on the other hand, it could be fake and that I know it is not. I have been receiving payouts from them for 4 months now even though they are much, it still is a payout regardless.

  4. usman jan says:

    i join the cashfiesta bar and i make 70 thousand point and now i am waiting for payment req but i read your comment that this is a scam website.i feel very shoked….so any one can help me….anyone tell me about real website who really pay me on the internet..?

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