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CashnHits is a PTC site and sister site of Cashtream. The most wonderful is not only PTC, it’s Traffic exchange is PTP friendly with geo-target.

Paid To Click

Just like other PTC, click to earn, lots of Ads there around 0.0004 to 0.001 each. Not very good but not bad !

Traffic Exchange / Surf to get pay

It’s traffic exchange do with random bonus and 0.8 credit. For every 1 credit can exchanged with a hits to your PTP link with or without geo-target! I recorded 323 surfing and get 33 bonus pages. The detail can be downloaded at ( a google docs spreadsheet).

I got:

Cash Bonus: 0.0022
PTC Ads: 71
F.Ads: 3485
Banner Ads: 3835

As PTC Ads can be used to PTP link with geo-target, it can gain you income with around 0.3 CPM with donkeymails or ValePTR. That is 71 / 1000 x 0.3 = 0.0213 CPM.

For 323 surfing, earned 323 x 0.8 = 258.4 credits. If place them with Geo-target T1 hits to 0.55 PTP link of valePTR with 90 valid %, it help you to gain 258 x 0.55 / 100 x 90% = 0.12771.

Total reward for surfing 323 pages
= Cash Bonus + Reward from PTC + Reward from Traffic exchange
= 0.0022 + 0.0213 + 0.12771
=  0.15121

That is 0.15121 / 323 * 1000 = 0.468 CPM

That is pretty good, don’t forget those 0.6 PTP link will not really give you 0.6 CPM. However, with this calcaluation, even without cash or PTC bonus, still with 0.395 CPM, almost 33% better than Easy4hits!

Paid To Promote

CashnHits’ PTP link with country tier and not really good reward for free members., it is 0.1 CPM and for upgraded, it is 0.5 CPM.

PTP sample link:

You can only promote those link in approved site.

T1 T2 T3 T4
 Ratio 1  0.5 0.33 0.1
 Free  0.1 0.05 0.033 0.01
 Upgraded  0.5 0.25 0.165 0.05

For upgraded member, the rewards is not bad but for free member, it is not worth to promote this link. It will recommend to promote ValePTR or Raingingcashmail’s no Tier PTP, you may refer to Earn with No Country Tier PTP links.

Auto Earning System

Auto earning is very special earning of CashnHits, you just open up the page, it will have a under popup with youtube, it will  show youtube and auto change to another youtube. You will get pay for just open that page without doing anythings. It give you 0.00012 per  view and max 0.048 per day. Well, it is not a large bonus but you just need to keep it as one of the page tab in your browser, no more requirement. Why not?!

In sum, CashnHits is creative and with good reputation. Lots of people got paid already!

Join CashnHits:

I Got Paid:

[iframe src= height=100%]

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2 Responses

  1. Sourabha Roy says:

    it is good site and legit also but I face a problem here. I got paid my first payment $0.61 but second time when I request for payout it is taken and after some time I saw it was paid but when I check my paypal account there have noany payment or payment proof.
    I contact with support staff I hope they will reply me soon.
    My withdraw history:
    Withdraw History
    Request Date Date Paid Method Account Fee Net
    Jun 12, 2012 Jun 12, 2012 Paypal $0.06 $1.86
    May 28, 2012 May 29, 2012 Paypal $0.02 $0.61
    But till now I have not receive my jun 12 payment.

    • Tao says:

      I seldom heard about fake cashout from Cashnhits.

      May be capture you paypal image for admin to take a look and ask them to check again ?!

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