CashnHits vs Cashtream

Recently, CashnHits is updated its system, new layout looks much better than the old one.  It’s sister site, Cashtream still in old style. The last may check on last review of CashnHits three months ago.

CashnHits indeed is quite a good site but I am sometime too lazy to login and click the banner. If you login, you can get around 0.05 easily per day.

Both of them is PTC site, each click around 0.0005 – 0.001, some special link with higher revenue, both have traffic exchange system. But CashnHits with more funtions.


CashnHit Cashtream
Click Exchange    
Auto Surf    –
Paid to Like    –
Video Ads    –
Paid to Promote    –

Click Exchange

CashnHits provide 1:0.8 traffic exchange. You will get 1 credit when visit a site. To exchange a visit from Tier 1 member, it only cost you 1 credit only. Furthermore, there is a bonus session, just random click on a door will get reward.

You can get cash, banner display and credits from the prize. Which make the exchange even better than 1:1 traffic exchange.

Refer to the detail  reward of click exchange, during  323 surfing, there are 33 bonus pages. At least, 0.0022 USD Cash Bonus and lots of credits. As the credits can be used for Paid to Promote, which help you to earn much more, that you can earn around 0.5 CPM to your pocket.

Auto Earning Ads

Just turn on the auto earning Ads, it is a pop up browser, it mainly show you youtube video, it not need be active window to earn. Once you keep the window open, for every 30 second, you can earn 0.00012  USD. You can surf 200 Ads as a free member, that is 0.024 per day. Just keep connected to internet and start to earn. That is not much of money but you did not need to do anythings. It worth to keep a browser window when working.

In the new version, it even show the time down count for every 30 second and increase you earning immeditately.

The number 21 at the end is the second count down. Once, it down to 0, i will increase 0.000096 USD in your balance.

Each day, you can only earn 0.024 from auto surf.

After reach the maximum number of auto surf, timer become NaN. If you want to earn more than 300 Ads per day, you may become an upgraded member.

Paid to Promote

It said I am from restricted country and I am not able to get a link to work on PTP.

Video Ads

It is to video youtube video to earn money. There is limited video offered and cannot earn much.

Paid to Like

It is nice to have more method to earn in CashnHits. However, the reward is not attractive. I only offer around 0.007 per like. In most of Get paid to Micro Task site, they offere 0.01 to 0.15 per like in Facebook.

Reward per Like
Microworkers 0.1 – 0.15
MyLot 0.01 – 0.02
Minuteworkers 0.1 – 0.15
FanSlave   0.015  EUR

CashnHits only allow 3 Like per day for Free members. Well, for me, it is better than nothing. However, I do not think it is attractive or worth to like while I can earn 10 times more per like.

In sum,  Cashnhits is much better than Cashtream. Specially the Click exchange session. As too many member in Cashtream use click exchange, it take quite a long time to use up the credit in Cashtream but it is much faster in Cashnhits.

To join CashnHits.
To join Cashtream.

I Got Paid – CashnHits:

[iframe src= height=100%]

I Got Paid – Cashtream:

[iframe src= height=100%]

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