Cashtream Review – Legit

Cashtream is a PTC site. Login and click the banner to earn. Each banner from 0.00035 to 0.001. Earn around 0.02 – 0.03 each day. It also support PTP but not in high reward. Hence, only recommend to work on PTC instead of PTP in this site. Cashtream is stable because after you click the confirm number, it will redirect to a Youtube video. It helps Cashtream to gain more revenue and members can get better pay too!

PTP friendly with Geo-target

Cashtream is one of the best Paid to Promote supporter, it is PTP friendly in the traffic exchange section. To surf each site get 0.8 credit and 1 credit can get a hit with geo-target including T1 country! It is very effective in helping to get good income from Paid to Promote.

Min Cashout (Fees)
Alertpay : 1.30 (9%)
Paypal : 0.1 (1%)

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I Got Paid:

[iframe src= height=100%]

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