Claim Fans Review

ClaimFans is a social exchange site, similar to Click Fans. Click Fans is to collect coin via like, retweet while Claim Fans’ coin cannot trade to cash but just for social exchange.

How to earn in Claim Fans?

You can earn in Claim Fans via promoting referral link.

  • Each user that signs up with your URL, you are awarded 100 coins!
  • Each time someone views your ref link, you are awarded 1 coin!
  • Each time someone views your ref link, you are awarded $.12!
  • You also earn 10% of the coins each of your referrals earn!
  • Collect free Daily Bonus today – 50 coins each day.

That is huge for 0.12 per click, is that real? That is very attractive!

To read the TOS,

  • Affiliate link cannot be masked
  • No auto-surf’s or cheap ppc/ppv or any form of link exchange sites to promote affiliate link
  • Visits made behind proxies or proxy sites will not be counted when we review your clicks.
  • Only good traffic which clicks through your banner will be accepted.

Term seems normal. However, will it really count the click as valid, that is another story. Even it count it as valid, will it pay?!

Will a site for sale still pay the members?

When I browsing the site for more information, I see an banner in the footer of the page.

The site is for sale! OMG! Then will it still pay the members? Who know? Well, click the link and I can test if I get paid finally.

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