Clixsense Review

clixsenseClixsense is a very good one. Why?

  1. it stands for a long time and still there!
  2. it keep paying for so may years!
  3. the link worth a click, the link is 0.001 to 0.01 but not 0.00000001.
  4. Lot’s of method to earn, game, task, click that gain income.
  5. Good referral scheme, you get 2USD when referral get reach to 5USD.
    How to get referral? That is also a key point!
    I will recommend to post referral link in EasyHits4U.
    As when surfing in EasyHits4U, you will get 0.3 CPM, also lots of people place a referral over there must have some reason.
    When you surfing, you will see Clixsense again and again that will let you know when there is new links for you to click!
    That is much easier, you even not need to go to a site to see any links are there!
  6. If you without any luck, you will get around 0.04 per day, it will be a long way to get cashout without referral.
    However, if you have luck to win in game, it will be much faster!

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