CoinBrawl – Earn Bitcoin via RPG game

CoinBrawl  is a simple RPG game, player can fight to win Satoshi FREE!coinbrawl

Player can withdraw  winnings once reach 10,000 satoshi (once per day).

For each fight, will gain at least 25 Satoshi if win, for each fight need 1 token,

the token will re-generation by time and by click a button every 30 minutes to get 10 token.

There is no difficult to get 10,000 satoshi but it is not easy to keep them to cash out before other players steal it from you!

Your bank only can save 5000 satoshi, so there is 5000 in your hand for steal!

It is fun!

10,000 satoshi = 0.00000001 ฿ (Bitcoin) ~ 

To join CoinBrawl:

You can get 2% -10% of your referral’s earning, it depends on number of your referral.

If you do not have bitcoin account, you can open it free.

If you think that is troublesome to open account for little money, you use charity’s bitcoin address to payout.

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