Does Traffic Exchange give you unique IP within 24 hours ?

To earn in Paid to Promote, we should control the  hits to the page once for 24 hours only in order to maximize our profile. However, not all Traffic Exchange Site gives you unique IP within 24 hours. Some is even give you a few hits from the same IP within an hours.

Since I get my own Affiliate Page, I would like to check the statistics on which site bring me hits. However, the PTR said those functions are only available to web admin but not to the client. Hence, I wrote a little script and make a page like other Paid to Promote links. If you are interested, welcome to take a look at my Affiliate Page. If you scroll down to the bottom part, you will see the IP and the refer domain. I keep those information in my database and find out interesting findings.

We assume Traffic Exchange is 24 hours unique IP!

Here is some capture of my data and to protect privacy I add blur feature to the IP.

For I did set uniqueness at 24 but what I get is repeat IP with 10 second. Indeed, I am SHOCKED when I see the IP hits like that !

For TopSurfer, there is no option for unique hours. However, we suppose to get non-repeated 24 hours IP.

For 247TrafficPro, I set 30 hits per hour. Hence, I get repeat IP every hours.

For NewWaySurf, it is known that it do not count for IP as I see repeat webpage when I surf. Here is the record:

Well, cannot believe so many hits from the same IP within 24 hours! From above image, I can see that the surfer also member of 247TrafficPro and TopSurfer. That is unavoidable.

Finally, RazorHits. I once have full expectation on it as it’s surfing is a little bit different from the other. If you do not stay at that page, the timer does not count or count slower! That is a very good design to force surfer to read the content while waiting for the timer. It also give 0.0125 for every 25 pages. (That is 0.5 CPM, Keep in mind TopSurfer even gives you 0.02 for every 35 pages!) Well, it keeps sending repeat IP.

I accept the same IP from different Traffic Exchange Website as that is a normal practice to join a few Traffic Exchange site at the same time. However, same IP from the same Traffic Exchange within a short time is not expected.

The Best hits from all of them is EasyHits4U. It is really the best among all traffic exchange, not only 1:1 ratio but also 0.3 CPM. Since its hits is almost 100% not repeat send but his site and, seldom overlap with over Traffic Exchange. I can earn up to 0.18 CPM from my affiliate page. That is in total, 0.48 CPM + income from banner display in my page.

For other choice will be some PTR site, like ValePTR, DonkeyMails Manuel Surf also give me tons of non repeat IP. They seldom overlap with other site too.

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