DonkeyMails Review – Super Legit

DonkeyMails is the King of PTR (Paid to Read) program. It with long history and good reputation. It keep paying through out all the years. There have a few method to earn:

  • Read message send to your email box and click the link
  • Paid to Click, click the banners in Paid2Click page, ~ 0.001 per click.
  • Paid to Promote(PTP), show the link in approved site to get pay, do  refer to Paid To Promote: The Essential Guide
  • Get Paid To Review
  • Paid To Signup
  • Manual Surf! can use for PTP but not very effective. Surfer seldom can win cash during surfing.

DonkeyMails’ Paid to Click is in relatively good rewards and it’s PTP is famous for 0.5 CPM.

Since 0.5 USD for 1000 credits,

T1: 1000 Credits CPM = 0.5 CPM (UK &  USA)
T1: 800 Credits CPM = 0. 4 CPM (AUS & CAN)
T2: 600 Credits CPM = 0.3 CPM
T3: 350 Credits CPM = 0.175 CPM
T4: 150 Credits CPM = 0.075 CPM
T5: 50 Credits CPM = 0.025 CPM

The PTP is FREE for all member and no upgrade is needed.
If you are intersted to know how DonkeyMails can earn in PTP, welcome to take a look at  How PTR earn via PTP.

In sum, DonkeyMails keep steady paying, King of PTR. If you are interested in PTR, PTP, PTC, DonkeyMails is the first one you should try. With 5 level referral levels: 10% – 5% – 3% – 2% – 1%. No Minimum Payout

Join DonkeyMails:

I Got Paid:

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  1. LeeKen says:

    This Week, Donkeymails didn’t pay for me and all my friends. They were only sent to me a email to report they paid for me. But in my paypal account, I didn’t receive any money. This is same for all my friend. They are Scam!

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