e-Jobber Review [Gone]

e-Jobber is a mirco task site. Join in with 2.5 USB Bonus free of charge. The working system is similar to Microworkers. Compare with similar site, e-Jobber with good amount of job and good pay.

To request payment, it will send a letter with code to your postal address. You will only get paid after verify your postal address. For each job you complete, e-Jobber will charge you 0% of fees (it was 5% last night!). If you introduce referral, each of them bring you 0.1 for signup and 1 USD more when they reach 10 USD.

e-Jobber suppose  PayPal, Moneybookers, Alertpay and Obopay, min cash out is 10 USD. It charge 5% transcation fee. Fee will be waved if you have 3 referral.

It looks like have good potential after Microworkers and Minuteworkers.

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