Earn a FREE 20$pass

Last time we have mentioned to earn 20$pass via seagame. Let’s talk about how to earn 20$pass in 20$Surf.

Currently, you can get 4 credits very easy per day via viewing 4 video clip. When you have 100 credits, you can get a FREE 20$pass.

After login, click 20$pass link at the top of the page, and then click SuperSonicAds.

Then you will see a list of offer that you can earn credits with. The most easy one is to view video clip, each can earn 1 credits point. For 100 credits, you can get a FREE 20$pass.

The 20$pass can help you earn much more in Super Referral. Each 20$pass can gain around 8000-12000 points, depends on your luck. That is around 1 USD. That is login 25 days to view 4 video clip to get 1 USD. That is earn 0.01 by viewing video clip. Not bad!

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