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To increase the revenue from Paid to Promote, do not just promote one PTP link at a time. If promote one PTP link can yield 1 USD per month, promote a few PTP links can double or triple the revenue. However, you need to click a lots to farm enough points for running a few PTP links at the same time. All your spare time will be occupied by Click and Click and being a Slave of Banner Clicking.

Or buy Ads from PTR which discussed in  More hits for PTP. It really works as buy 1000 Ads cost 0.13 and it will yield back 0.265 from the data in Chapter 5.3.3. You can earn: 60 x 30 / 1000 * ( 0.265 – 0.13) = 0.0243 per month for one PTP links from ValePTR. That seems no very reasonable income from buying Ads.

You may try to upgrade to get higher PTP link. For example, if you upgrade in JJClix, you can promote a 0.8 PTP. However, you may need to do a good math to see if you can earn the upgrade fee back? Also, the PRT only accept T1, T2 member with much higher rewards. If you are in T1, T2 country, do join those PTR to earn more but expect to have less daily hits but much higher CPM.

You may also try to but Affiliate Pages. Both JJClix and ValePTR offer Affiliate Pages. Each Affiliate Pages include 5 – 8 Banner links that you can place you PTP links, also 5 – 10 text links. It cost 7 – 8 USD per 3 months. For every time you display the Affiliate Pages, you can earn 0.15 – 0.2 CPM 24 hours unique IP with no tier!  I did keep track the number of click for a Life Time Page of SusanC in ValePTR. There is around 100 clicks in 24 hours. As she is Lift Time, the position of the link is at the top of the page. I will assume there is 50 click for the link in the middle of the page. Assume the average CPM is 0.3 and 0.25 for JJClix and ValePTR. If the point earned in JJClix all use to promote the Affiliate Pages in ValePTRand vice versa.




  Revenue per month Revenue per month
Banner Links 5 5 x 50 x 30 x 0.35 CPM= 2.625 8 8 x 50 x 30x 0.25 CPM= 3
Text Links 6 10
CPM 0.15 65 x 30 x 0.15 CPM
= 0.2925
0.2 45 x 30 x 0.2 CPM= 0.27
Total 2.9175 3.27
Earning 2.9175 x 3 – 8
= 0.7525
3.27 x 3 – 7= 2.81

The above figures are from conservative calculation. The actual earning may be even more or less. Once you buy the Affiliate Pages and place the PTP links, money will run to your pocket!

There are a lot of PTR offer Affiliate Pages, some even with 0.3 CPM. In ValePTR, buy 5,000 Views – in PTP rotator to promote you Affiliate Page cost 0.50. Then you will earn 0.05 CPM in JJClix Affiliate Pages. Earn even more in 0.3 CPM, as it helps you to get 0.2 CPM. Even the valid % is 80, still can get 0.16 CPM.

Hence, you will see some famous username appear in also all Affiliate Pages you can find. You can earn even without a click. Pick the PTR carefully, check the domain expire date and check for the reputation before buy Pages, upgrade or Ads.


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