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EM-Promo is Manuel Traffic Exchange which Support Paid to Promote links. It’s sister website are EM-Traffic & EM-Hits. EM-Promo is the best to earn among three of them but worse in traffic exchange. More details can refer to EM-Group Review.

You can earn cash and traffic exchange at the same time. If you really want to join in EM-Promo, you need to keep surfing it everyday in order to be better reward, otherwise, it is real hard to earn from it.

As the very beginning, you will start with 15% share. That means for every page you surf, you will get 15% of 1 credits, ac: 0.12 + cc: 0.03.

ac =  Advertising Credits
cc =  Cash Credits

For every 2 ac = 1 Traffic Hits, 4 ac for Geo-targeted traffic.

For every 20 pages you surf, you share will be increased by 5% up to 90%. In 90% share, surf a page will get  ac: 0.72 + cc: 0.18. That means surf for 3 pages, can exchange for 1 hits, 3:1 Traffic Exchange.

For Cash Credit, 1000 cc = 1 USD, 0.18 cc  = 0.0001 = 0.1 CPM.

However, you need to keep surfing day by day to keep your 90% share. Most of the time, when I start surfing again in the next time, it drops to 65% share already and I need to surf around 100 pages to keep it back to 90% to maximum the reward.

Sometime, there is some bonus credits, you can see it in the top frame, as the color of the text and the background is quite similar, you may easily omitted it. Do remember to click on them, they are good reward!

You can earn more credits via contest, there is daily contest for Top 10 Acivity Points earner.

You will also get Activity Points by Four methods:

  1. Surf,  10 points per surfed page
  2. Promote the referal page, 1 points per 24h unique IP
  3. Referral, 100 points per active downline member(must surf 50 pages)

For every 100 points can convert into 1 Advertising Credits.

Min cashout is 1 USD via AlertPay or LibertyReserve automatically at the beginning of each month.

I Got Paid:

[iframe src=http://taomoney.net/record.php?id=38885 height=100%]

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