FanSlave Review

FanSlave is the sister website of SeoSlave, earn via like Facebook pages and follow in Twitter.

100 Credits = 0.5 EUR

To like a page in Facebook, gain 3 – 4 credits per pages, that is 0.015 – 0.02 EUR.
To follow in Twitter, gain 1.5 – 2.5 credits each, that is  0.0075 – 0.0125 EUR.

For each like or follow by your referral, you will get 0.5 credits too.

Min Pay out is 15 EUR via Alertpay or Paypal.

There is a limitation that only 10 like and 10 follow within 18 hours. Hence, without referral, each day can earn around 40 credits.  That means 15/ ( 40/ 100 * 0.5)  = 75 days can help you get 15 EUR, seems not bad!

Join FanSlave:

P.S.: As I just join in, I do not know if it is Legit or SCAM.

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3 Responses

  1. banica says:

    I belive is legit. i dont heard complaines.

  2. sathish says:

    This is a trusted site. My friend got paid nearly 6 times.
    I too got paid 1 time. Fanslave is trustednsite

  3. tareqmax84 says:

    how can it work

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