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Fast-PTR is a PTR, sister site with Howlin Mad CashEasy-PTR & ElephantAdvertising. Owner with promptly response from tickets and with good reputation.

Paid to Promote

Fast-PTR’s PTP is not the best but second the best, it is quite popular too. Here is the country tier break down.

T1: 1000 credits = 0.4 CPM
T2: 450 credits = 0.18 CPM
T3: 250 credits = 0.1 CPM
T4:  50 credits = 0.02 CPM
T5:  5 credit = 0.002 CPM

Paid to Promote Supporter

Fast-PTR have around 12 of 4 points banner every 24 hours and lots of 1-2 points banners. To redeem Ads,

  • 1 point PTC to 100 – 125 Points
  • 1 point PTC to 250 – 275 Points

Hence, for 69 clicks, can get 250 hits in return. That is a very good ratio, much better than 1:1 traffic exchange. However, it only helps to give you around 20 hits per day. The traffic is mainly from T3, T4 conutry.

The rewards I get from promoting PTP with Fast-PTR:

I will recommend to promote the ValePTR 0.55 PTP or 0.15 no tier PTP of RainingCashEmails in order to maximum the revenue. It also helps a lot in promoting Affiliate Page as it’s IP rarely overlap with other traffic exchange.

Min cash out is 1 USD via Alertpay.

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