Geo-Target hits for PTP links?

As we discussed in Actual Income from Paid to Promote, sometime Geo-target Ads may get higher CPM but when count with the cost, it may not be effective to place Geo-target Ads.

In ValePTR, members can redeem Ads in no Geo-target or with T1/T2 Geo-target. I did try to place Ads with those 2 type of Ads and here is the result.

Ads Redeem for 1000 hits in ValePTR

Ads Redeem No-Tier T1/T2
Points needed 1200 2600

Example 1 :  DonkeyMails

To place the Ads hits to DonkeyMails   0.5 PTP links

Ads Redeem No-Tier T1/T2
Resulting CPM 0.1952 0.3339

Hence, for1000 point’s reward:

No-Tier = 0.1952/1200* 1000 = 0.1627
T1/T2 =  0.3339/2600* 1000 =0.1284

Example 2 :  Howlin Mad Cash

To place the Ads hits to Howlin Mad Cash 0.45 PTP links

Ads Redeem No-Tier T1/T2
Resulting CPM 0.1700 0.3092

Hence, for1000 point’s reward:

No-Tier = 0.17/1200* 1000 = 0.1417
T1/T2 =  0.3092/2600* 1000 = 0.1189


In this example, we can see the T1/T2 targeted Ads not only bring less hits per day but also less income generated per cost. Hence, in ValaPTR, not place Geo-targer Ads may yeild a better income. However, that is because ValaPTR with good proportion of T1 member. For the site mainly is T3 and T4 traffic, that is another story.

Income generated for each click in ValePTR

As click a banner in ValePTR give you 3 points, hence, earn click indeed helps you to earn 0.4881 CPM, pretty good right?! You will get more if you place Ads to RainingCashEmails, which have 0.6 PTP for all FREE members.

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