Get paid as Webmaster

To earn as webmaster, you need have your own website. First of all, you need to rent a hosting, do not rent a server at the begining but just a web hosting will be very enough for start. I cost around 3-5 USD per month. You should check careful in web host reviews to find out the most suitable one. There is a few requirement when selecting a hosting:

  1. Cost
    As low as possible, lower cost means you earn more!
  2. Access speed
    You need to take care the visitor come all over the world, access speed should be reason to the visitor in any region.
  3. Stable
    It should provide 99.99% online time.Most visitors will visit the site again if they cannot visit it in the first try.
  4.  Communication
    Easy to contact with hosting staff, in case any accident, can contact them as soon as possible.
  5. Service
    Provide lots of free service, some hosting will charge for every service they provide but some do not take any extra charges.

Good luck and get Page Rank as soon as possible to earn much more!

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