Get Paid to Click

Login and go to Paid2Click, click the banner, wait for a few second. That’s it.

Site $ per Click Min Pay
ValePTR  0.03¢ no min pay
DonkeyMails 0.1¢ 1
JillsClickCorner 0.1¢ 1
AyuWage 0.1¢ 5
CashnHits ~0.05¢ 0.6
JJClix 0.03¢ 2
Aligator-Cash 0.03¢ 2
Croc-Cash 0.03¢ 10
Cashtream ~0.05¢ 0.1
Scarlet-clicks ~0.05¢ 0.3

ValePTR & JJClix  are sister website, also are my favorite!

Login and go to Affiliate Pages, lots banner are there, 3pts each.
You can redeem them for Ads or cash out by 1pt=0.0001 (1000pts = 0.1 USD)
You can get more than 1000 points in ValePTR in a day!

Get paid in  ValePTRDonkeyMails & JillsClickCorner already!

Sorry, I do not like BUX.

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