Get Paid to Post

There are lots of paid to post, some required to post very detail article, some just post in forum but without good reputation.

MyLot is the one do not require professional article. Just post the question you want to ask and answer the question you knew.

When you have higher reputation, you can earn more too.

I just answer a few post per day, get around 0.05.

I doesn’t take you lots of time and it is fun!

Besides, we can also get paid via complete tasks.

Tasks is simple and well paid.

For example, press like button in FB, add a site in your Digg , write a few comment for an articale!

It’s payout is 10 USD via Paypal .

Many people get paid already!

For the Get Paid to Post need higher standard of English includes: TriondShvoong.
Minuteworkers also provide a forum to earn, 0.01 per post! 2 USD payout.

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