Get Paid to Promote

Paid To Promote: The Essential Guide

Everything you need to know about Paid To Promote

1. How PTR earn via PTP
2. Which one is the Best Paid to Promote ?
2.1 Country Tier
2.1 Tier vs No Tiers PTP
3. How to promote PTP link?
3.1 Buy Ads
3.2 Traffic Exchange Website
3.3 Redeems Ads
4. Quick Taste of PTP
4.1 Claim Random Prize
4.2 Redeem Ads
4.3 Free Upgrade
5. Actual Income from PTP links
5.1 Valid % of PTP Hits
5.2 Effectiveness on Manual Traffic Exchange
5.3 Effectiveness on Email Ads and PTC
5.3.1 Email, PTC or Banner Impression
5.3.2 Effectiveness on Geo-target Ads
5.3.3 Percentage of T1 Members
6. Best Approved Site
7. How to earn much more?
8. Is Paid to Promote good to earn?

Thank you Pawilliams1 of BiteMe in Birejji  for helping to pick the title and subtitle of this article.

Get Paid to Promote means to promote a specified link in the Approved Site to get paid. You can find a list of Site Approved in Paid To Promote Main Page.

They are in unit of CPM (Cost per impression), they is display the page for 1000 times.
When you see 0.5PTP, that mean for display the link 1000 times, you will get 0.5 USD.
o.0005¢ for each display on Approved Site.

Not all display count money. Only those display on the Approved Domain will paid you. Don’t ever to try “F5” – Refresh your browser 1000 times to get paid.  Also, they only count one valid display with 24 hours Unique IP address.

If you finds out the site you want to display the PTP link is not on the Approved Site list,
you may contact the PTR owner via contact us. Most of the time, they will add your suggested site to the list.

For famous PTP, no doubt on DonkeyMailsNo-MinimumJJClixValePTR etc.
DonkeyMailsNo-Minimum pay 0.5 CPM, ValePTR pays 0.55 CPM and JJClix pays 0.8 CPM.

However, JJClix‘s PTP only reserved for upgraded members only and   ValePTR‘s upgraded member even can earn up to 0.75 CPM.

Once you pick a PTP link, you may need to consider more factors. Welcome to know more from my guide and give me comment.


Paid To Promote: The Essential Guide

Everything you need to know about Paid To Promote

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