Get Paid to Socialize in 2015

To be active in a website like Facebook, to like, to share to post to get paid.

Blogjob is a site like FB, you get points for doing each action.

Like a post to get 1 point, post a blog post to get 50 points.

Max points per day is 150.

2000 points = 5 USD in Coinbase Bitcoin

5000 points = 25 USD in paypal

Hence, if you are active, you will get paid in the 34 th day!

Another similar website is tsu, you can earn in similar method.

MyLikes you share the image provided or upload new image in your Mylikes page.

When people view on it or click the ad, you will get paid.

You do not need to have your own website, all template is created for you!



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