Get paid to surf with PTP in 2015

When surf to earn, we can use the credit earn from surf to have traffic exchange.
Mainly use to exchange for referral webpage or links that can earn like DonkeyMails which gives max 0.5 per 1000 visits.

It helps to get more than 300 credits in DonkeyMails per day without help of any referral.

Site Surf 1000 website Traffic Exchange Support DonkeyMails Paid to Promote  Support EM-Traffic Remarks
EasyHits4U ♥ ♥ ♥  0.3 USD 1:1  N  N  Get paid many times
EM-Traffic ♥ ♥ ♥ 0.02 USD 1:0.8 Y, It gives very good valid hits It will better to convert cash to hits to DonkeyMails.
Trafficadbar   Y, very good support!  –  be more activity and can get more hits,
it general good credits for PTP
TrafficG  – 1:1  Y, with good hits N Do use North America visitor but 1.35 credits per hit
Hitlink 0.01 USD 1:1  N  N it earn via Jackpot and need to be very active
NewWaySurf 0.01 USD 1:0.5  Y , but poor credit rate  N but you can see 0.0001 gain by each page
VastHits  ~ 0.1 USD 1:0.75 Y, medium quality Y It can use to exchange EM traffic to get better credits
RedStagHitsAntSurf ,
SotukTraffic  OMG TE ,
N Y Thank are Zubee Traffic Exchange,
can earn coins and get credits for PTP,
there are much more Zubee TE, click here.
Vikinghits  ? 1:0.33  Y, medium quality Y
Lords-of-traffic  ? 1:0.33 Y, good but not much hits  N

To promote EM-Traffic, it will give 0.5 credit per visit. That mean you can exchange two visits to EM-traffic and get 1 visit to your PTP.

For EM-Promo , EM-Hits and EM-Traffic, they share same set of users. Hence, only use one of them to hit to  DonkeyMails onlys. Otherwise, will only generate invalid hits. For more detail between them, do read EM-Group Review.

** Don’t general lots of hits from different Traffic exchange website, as there are same set of people in the pool, that will just overlap the IP address!

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