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Nowaday, most money earning Cashbar or Viewbar are called ” Barre”, as most of those company come from France.

CashBar of Viewbar request users to do a few steps:

1. Download a mini software.
2. Install the software.
3. Excuate the software.

Company earn in two ways,

1. Dispaly Ads in the viewbar and earn by CPC and CPM.
2. Transfer data to your computer to share their server workload.

20dollars2surf The most popular one among the internet world!
MyBrowserCash The second ranked CashBar, they have Referral Share, which you can use your own earning as a investment. Good Pay but also beware, please!
I-Gagnant la barre A french Barre, not a bad choice!
CashFiesta It is not a SCAM but a SUPER SCAM.
I first see it around 10 years ago, I cannot imagine it still exist and people still recommend other to join it! Come on!
Ca$hGopher I heard it spread virus but i am not sure. You can see easily see it’s advertising in MyLot .
Gomez PEERs / Porivo Once a very good one, it ask your computer to share workload but recently did not heard from them anymore!

There still more more viewbar from France: SmartBarrePackbarreBubulle-Barre , Surf-Barre.

Personally, I do not like to use view bar as it requested for installing.
Who knows what I exactly installed?
There may be virus, Trojan Horse.
Hence, only join the  Viewbar with reputation.

Indeed, they cannot earn you much and need quite a long time until cashout.

For example, 20dollars2surf can earn maximum 10000 points per mouth.
In Nov 2011, 1000 Points = 0.1093.
If you also click bonus, you may get around 15000 – 2000 points per month.

Points/1000 * 0.1093 ~ 1.5   –  2.2 per month

Since, 20 to payout! You need a year to get first pay without referral.

Well, anyway, it will pay then it is good!

make cash

If you want to earn more on  20dollars2surf, you better prepare for 20$pass.

For some history, the best viewbar among the online history is Spedia.
Not much people remember it, I get my first cheque from it!
That is long time ago!

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