Get paid via Searching – MyLot

It is a very old fashion earning method. Around 10 years berfore, there are lots of search to earn site. However, all are not able to sureive. Now, there is one of them with good reputation – MyLot.

When you search in MyLot, they will give out bonus by random. Today, I search for information about convert alertpay to paypal and got 0.06 for the search.

Even we can earn via searching, please do not over use it or you will get your account banned. You may set it as default search engine in your browser, when ever need to search for infomration, use mylot instead of google. You can find information and earn at the same time!

MyLot is not only for searching but it is a discussion forum. When you post or reply, you will get paid, around 0.01 per post. There is no limit on post per day. MyLotters are nice to help each other. When I have question, post at there, will get immediately response. They are very helpful. Before opening each post, I will search to see if there is any similar topic there. I do enjoy earning in MyLot.


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