How company earn via CPM ?

As a webmaster, I do like to earn via CPM but not CPA or CPC. It is not easy to have people click your banner or signup via your link. My favorite is to earn by just showing the Ads to visitor to get pay. Even just can earn a little money, I still feel good. As for CPC, I may be the only IP recorded per click that I will not get pay as the end.

After trying a few CPM site, I start to view CPM from another angle.

Type I: You never can get a Ads buyer

There are some site be the middle man between Ad buyer and web publisher, like advertising365BidvertiserInteAds and JungleAds. They will ask you to place a code in your site and list out the price you require. The code will show the banner and a link to the Middleman site and show the detail of your site. In the meantime, they will also place some ads in your site but you will not get paid. You only get paid when you can referral a Ad buyer to them to buy Ad space in your site!

Opps! It is not easy! It is hard to find a buyer to buy ad in small scale website. Hence, what we are doing to to show their Ads free of charge and they can earn the money from display the Ad in our site  and no need to pay us!

Type II: You can earn more than this if you disturb your visitor like this

Another type is once you join in, they will give you the code and there is Ads on it. And you can start to earn immediately, like TrafficRevenue & Trafficker Plus. Webmaster suppose happy about them. However, their code is not just simplify display ads, sometime, they also provide:

  • redirect your visitor to their target site
  • With very noisy audio ads that your visitor cannot stop it
  • pop up ads that scare your visitor away

All of above are not welcome by your visitors and company can earn quite a lot by force your visitor to view the ad but they just give you the payment of display but not click or pop-up, that is not fair. As CPM with lowest income because it give less  interference to visitor, for pop-up or redirect, higher payment should be given.

Type III: The display does not count

Here comes with another type, they runs like normal but when you login to the account, the number of display is always far away from the actual display. For example, MediaCPM only count 3 impression per day in this site, more information may refer to MediaCPM vs TrafficRevenue. I heard some company only count the display if the visitor stay for more than 60 second for the same display.

In sum, CPM seems not a very good option for webmaster, may be CPC is more easy to earn, at least for some site, the pays for each click is very high, every higher then the CPM reward for a day.

Any CPM site is honest, I assume YES! However, those are for large scale website but not the mini website like this, too bad! To earn more, try hard to upgrade the content of the site and get a higher PageRank. More visitors to your site and more money will be coming!

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    Beside CPM, why not try CPA offers? That can earn much more!

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