How much can be earn in Zubee Zone?

Here is how much I earn from ZubeeZone in past few week.

[iframe src= height=100%]

I can say it is easy but not much!

  1. You just need to login to some of Zubee supported website and click “Claim your coin”.
    Convert coins at Marketplace, wait until the rate is lower, it can be around 10450 coins for 0.1 USD.
    Like InstantMailz, it give silver and gold coins for just login!
    It is easy to get at least 0.3 per day and pay you weekly.
    There are lots of site to get coins, take a look at Earn easy coins in ZubeeZone.
  2. Collect Trophy and Award as much as possible.
    There is random trophy when you claim coins or when you arrive some achievement.
    Those gives percent bonus. If you have 200% bonus, you get 375 Zubees instead of 125 Zubees for Silver Coin.
    That is almost 0.0036 per click!
    To get more bonus, join a team. It can give you daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. Join a team is free and help you to increase earning.
  3. Active in Surf Party
    Every day, there are three site will join Surf Party. For every 57 pages you view in those site, you get a bonus random earning from silver to diamond, depends on your luck.
    For each 57 pages you complete, also gain 1% bonus for 3 days!
  4. View the site support Emerald Hunter.
    When you see this image, click on those “?”, it will give you Zubees. Don’t miss it can pass on them!
    Some site with higher chance in Emerald Hunter, like OMG TEadvertisingmaximizerAntSurf, glacierhitsTrafficRoyal and TrafficSwirl.
  5. Use of TrafficBrowser

    It help to surf between site much faster. Once you click for the validation, it auto shift to another site for you, it save 50% of the time! Very nice function!

Wish you enjoy ZubeeZone! It auto pay to your paypal every Friday!

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