How PTR earn via PTP

PTR = Paid to Read

PTP = Paid to Promote

For a PTP page, there are lots of banner, text and a page in the middle embedded by iframe.
Let DonkeyMails as example,

100,000 SkyScraper Banner 120×600 = 5 USD [0.05 CPM]
100,000 Top Banner Impressions = 10 USD [0.10 CPM]
100,000 Paid to Promote View (PTP Rotator) = 14.99 USD [0.1499 CPM]

PTP Side Banner or Text per month = 19.99

For the screen capture, there are more than 10 Side Banner or Text, the revenue per month will be 19.99 x 10 = 199.99.

According to the advertising package in DonkeyMails, they have around 300,000 Daily PTP Impressions. Since not all surfer are T1, take a average of 0.5 PTP to 0.25 PTP.

DonkeyMails needs to pay surf 300,000/1000 x 0.25 = 75 USD
Income generated from DonkeyMails for 300,000 PTP

= 300 x ( SkyScraper + Top Banner + PTP view ) CPM + Side Banner or Text / 30
= 300 x ( 0.05 + 0.1 + 0.1499) + 199.99/30
= 96.6 USD

From the conservative calculation, DonkeyMails can earn around 20USD per day only generated from PTP.

Since we know PTP can make profit for PTR company, we don’t need to worry the company get bankrupt as the end.

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