How to cash out in Seagames?

Seagames is a viewbar earning website. It include viewbar, game and content. Sea Ice Contest is one of the daily and monthly contest.

In the begining of each month, shell earned will be converted to gold coin and gold coin can be cashout to Paypal, Alertpay and moneybookers and hipay.

The cashout buttons are in Shops -> Money Shop, then pick the cashout method.

Cashout is not always available but when people use that currency to buy in Seagames then there will be cashout quota. That is quite make sense to keep the site run well.

In 26 June 2012, I first time see cashout via paypal available with 1 quota only.

In 1 July 2010, there are much more paypal cashout quota, that make people feel safe to earn shells in the site to get pay at the end.

Beside cash in money, gold coin can use to buy 20$pass for 20$surf. There are 9 quota to cash out 20$pass for 3 gold coins each.

Seagame can be used to earn cash or run as an assistant to earn more in 20$surf.


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