How to cashout at MyBrowserCash?

MyBrowserCash is the most HOT program recently. Most people earn by buy Referral Share instead of treat it as a viewbar. As it become more  and more famous and recently it changes rules again and again, plus it does not support Paypal anymore, it may be time to cashout. Money in your pocket is better than money in your account.

To cash out, you must have at least 20USD in account. They will charge you 5% of handling fee. If you have large amount in account, they will use bank wire to send money directly to your bank account. Otherwise, you may use AlertPay or Solid Trust Pay to cash out. You may use the amount in  SolidTrustPay to further invest or exchange  Solid Trust Pay to other online currency.


After you submit you cashout request, they will send an email to your email account, you much click the link to validate your cash out order. After you lick the link, you will see the wording below.

Your Payment Request Has Been Validated

The cashout out process complete. Just wait the money add to your account. It may take a few days, may be more longer as majority of user are cash out right now.

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