How to earn via PTP [updated in 2015]

For members not from Tier 1 or Tier 2 country, it is quite different to earn in PTP, specially after valePTR not accepting T1/T2 members anymore. However, there still have chance.

To earn PTP money from DonkeyMails, we need to let to PTP link display in valid website and make sure the people who click on it is from T1 or T2 country. What we need to do is to check the most updated approved site listed in the PTP page. Check how many of those  site are able to accept T3/T4 traffic and exchange to T1/T2 visits.

Here is what I do:

  1. Trafficadbar it support DonkeyMails and give lots of USA and UK hits to your PTP. Easy to get good quality of traffic! Best of the best!
  2. EM-Traffic
    To display their promotion link, you can get 0.5 credit, for 2 credits, you can get a T1 visit to your PTP. Hence, it helps to do conversion between T3/T4 traffic to T1 traffic. The hit from EM-traffic with very high valid %.To display more promotion link, you may use traffic exchange site as EM-traffic accept all traffic from any site. Specially, we can post the link in the site that are not approvided in DonkeyMails. Hence, you can exchange the traffic from unapproved site to provided site. However, some site’s traffic seems is not recorded in EM-Traffic, like the traffic from 247TrafficPro[Now called Hitlink] seems not accepted in EM-traffic!Hence, you may try to display links in Xtreme Surf, yes, xtremeSurf did not pay but it give me good among of hits to Em-traffic. In this point, XtremeSurf helps me to earn. Another one is EasyHits4U, it pay you for every visit already and you  can get credit to display the EM-traffic links at the same time, it is double & Howlin Mad Cash and Fast-PTR are also able to promote link to EM-traffic. There are tone of banner in those site for your to gather the points and use those point to change for click to EM-traffic to get T1 traffic to PTP link. Do not directly use those traffic to PTP as those mainly are T3/T4 traffic that you cannot earn much from it.Similar concept apply on EM-Promo and EM-Hits too. However, earn credits in promotion is more easy on Em-traffic. If you are interested, you may refer to EM-Group Review.If you login and visit everyday, it is worth to do surfing to get credit, otherwise get credit from PTC section is much effective.
  3. CashnHits is approved in DonkeyMails. You can earn credit by clicking Link Exchange, you can get credit and cash at the same time. You can set the link only display to T1 country. For my point of view, CashnHits’s function in support Donkeymails is better than it PTC earning. For more you may refer to Cashnhits vs Cashtream.
  4. BeachPartySurf &  HogsHollow
    Those two are surf exchange programming. Not specially good but they can accept T3/T4 visit and convert to T1/T2 click to PTP link.

Finally, happy Paid to Promote Surfing, Good Luck!

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  1. sim says:

    hi! i m ur em traffic downline.
    i submitted my site 3 days ago at em traffic but its still pending for approval..
    just wonder normally how long to be take for the site to get approved?

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