How to get FREE 20$Pass?

20$Pass is a code, you add it in your 20Dollars2Surf account to help you earn much more. 20Dollars2Surf is a popular Get Paid to Viewbar nowadays.  For more information about 20Dollars2Surf can refer to 20Dollar2Surf Review. You can buy them 2.99 EUR for two of them. There show you some methods to get 20$Pass easy and free!

Bingo & WheelSurf

Everyday, you can play Bingo once for free and play WheelSurf twice for free. Do try to use those 3 chance to won a 20$Pass, it may also reward you cash too.

Complete Task for 20$Pass Code

Login -> 20$Pass (at the top row) -> Actions (left sidebar) – > SuperSonicAds, there are 2 to 4 video, watch it can help you get 1 credits for each of them. Yes! 4 videos are the same but they will give you credit individually. You can have them every day. For 100 credits, you can exchange credits to 1 20$Pass code. You can also work on survey and signup to earn more credits. Do remember to read those little fonts text when signup with mobile phone number, as they may charge you from the mobile phone company directly. Beware!

Play to get 20$Pass Code

There are some game site support 20$Pass as reward. Most of them are in French, for non-french member, Google Translator may help you. Do take a look at the list of 20$Pass reward site.

When you get a 20$Pass Code, you not only can use it for your account, you can also sell them to other member. Just post in the Forum and members will contact you for the trade! You can use the Give / Sell function in the bottom of the left sidebar after login.

Wish the above information can help you to earn more in 20Dollars2Surf.

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