How to level up in Sea-games? provide veiwbar to earn. You can earn more if you level up. For normal member, only can earn 0.3  per minute. However, for upgraded member, it is possible to get 1.1  per minute.

To level up have have more shell per minutes, higher referral ratio, more ticket per day, even with purchase discount and longer time to display the checking code.

To level up, you need SeaPass.


If you have validated 1 SeaPass within 40 days, you can be in Shrimp level.
If you have validated 3 SeaPass within 40 days, you can be in Lobster level.

SeaPass can be obtained by contest, game, sea bonus and buy via gold coins, paypal, alertpal … … etc.

If you have lots of referral and being active, it will be worth to level up, as you can earn 15% more per minute!



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