How to transfer cash in Alertpay to Paypal ?

All people knows that Paypal does not allow cash flow via other online money. However, it is more easy to transfer money in our paypal account to our bank. Sometime, even we have money in Alertpay but I does help. As the support of transfer money in Alertpay to bank is not as good as paypal. Now, I would like to tell you TWO method to legally transfer money from Alertpal to Paypal then to your bank account.

Method I:

Deposit Alertpay to MyBrowserCash to buy Referral Share.
The process takes 60 days. Each Share is 5.5 USD.
To buy Deposite 55 USD from Alertpay, you can buy 10 Share.
You will get 6.6 x 10  cash + 2 x 10 bonus to buy another share.
That is after 60 days, you can withdraw 66 USD to your paypal account plus you will have 20 USD to buy 3 more share for another 60 days. That you can withdraw them in another 60 days to your paypal account.

In sum, you pay 55 USD and will get 66USD 2 months later and 20 USD another 2 months later.

Method II:

Buy a Referral Page in ValePTR.
It can help you to have 0.2 CPM and hits to your PTP pages, you can have 8 PTP banner in the referral pages.
Hence, you can earn with PTP in Donkeymails as the same time.
Just spend 12USD and you can get pay from paypal via ValePTR.

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