I Got Paid – April 2012

29.04 Birejji (0.01)
20.04 No-Minimum (2.04)
17.04 Microworkers (10.63)
17.04 Matesgate.biz (0.04)
03.04 Minuteworkers (3.51)
03.04 ChineseAN (7.00)

Total: 23.23  USD

This month is not very good result.

  1. Minuteworkers reduce chat to earn, no forum there and more fake employer.
  2. Microworkers seems less job.
  3. Did not chat in  Birejji as usual.
  4. not active in PTP any more as it take long time and not high reward.
  5. Try to earn via CPA which seems much better.
  6. PaySnork is not paying anymore!
  7. ValePTR is not no-min but 1 USD, still very good one.
In sum, still putting affords on Microworkers & BackLinks.

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