I Got Paid – first quarter of 2013

It is a while I have not post I got paid summary. I have been quite lazy working on online earning recently.

29.03 中岸廣告聯盟ChineseAN (117.00)
04.03 AdF.ly (5.10)
02.03 BackLinks (3.50)
02.03 AuthorityBackLinks (0.90)
26.02 ValePTR (0.84)
02.02 BackLinks (3.00)
02.02 AuthorityBackLinks (0.90)
11.01 DonkeyMails (1.48)
01.01 BackLinks (3.43)

I did not earn much, mainly due to too lazy on clicking banner online or doing traffic exchange, I suppose my finger joint is more precious then a few cents.

The most important is: I am lazy on working task too! That make my income less and less. However, I put more effort one my real life that can earn more than online.

Hence, most of the income is from the text links. That is quite easy to earn. As no need to do anything, just wait until the end of the month and money will goes to your account. To earn more, you need better website and more post and more traffic, also higher Page Rank is expected.

Anyway, to earn in online earning, you must be hardworking too! Otherwise, even the chance is in front of your still cannot get it! oops!

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