Inspirational Hits Review

Inspirational Hits is a Manuel Traffic Exchange site. It offers 1:1 traffic exchange and 0.03 per 100 hits at the same time. It is similar reward with EasyHits4U. Inpsirational Hits is even better as you can view upto 1200 sites each day.  The maximum you can earn per day is 0.03 x 12 = 0.36. That is not too bad.

For every 100 pages you surf, 0.03 will be added to your account automatically, no need to click bonus link. The earning you earn via surfing will be added to “Surf Earning”. To cash you, you have to transfer your surf balance to your “Available Balance” first before being able to request CashOut. Once you have 20 USD, you can request for cash out via Paypal or Alertpay. If you works hard enough, you are possible to cashout within a month. Good Luck!

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I am newly join in this site, do not know if it pays or not.

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  1. did the site paid you???

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