Is it worth to earn via chatting?

There are mainly two website currently still active for chat to earn. They are:

There once another good one called PaySnork. However, it does not paying recently. Therefore only two options left for chatting to earn.

You may get 0.01 if you chat serious per day! Well those are money! However, you suppose can earn much more per hour! Unless you enjoying chatting with other. I do meet good firends in MateGates and Birejji. That I learn a lot from them. For enjoying meeting new people, chatting online can explore your view and knowledge. Form the earning view, it seems too little money!

As to blogging and sell text link, you can earn much more then chatting by just place a link in your website, you don’t need to do anything other things each month and money goes to your Paypal directly.

Or completing task online earn much better too. To get pay via click a like button, it is much more easy earning, mostly you will get 0.1 per like, it only cost you 1 to 5 second! Those micro task are easy money.

In sum, if you like to chat online even without getting pay, it definitely is a good idea to earn via chatting. If your main is to earn money via chatting, I would like to recommend you to get pay via other methods.

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