Is PTP good to earn?

Paid to Promote cannot help you to bring HUGE income. However, once DonkeyMails, ValePTR still exist in the Internet. Earning is guaranteed.

It also helps you to arrive minimum payout. As PTC in each PTR is limited per day, no. of hits you can bring to PTR is not limited by the PTR. Hence, you will get paid mush faster than those just Paid to Click.

Paid to Promote is much better than EasyHits4U which give you 0.3 per 1000 click and only about 180 click per day. Hence, each month you can earn 180 x 30 / 1000 x 0.3 = 1.62 with 180 clicks everyday! PTP can let you get 1 USD for average 50 clicks per day, you can set a Clicking day to earn enough points for the month in ValePTR. Each of you click in Paid to Promote is 25% – 100% higher than 0.3 CPM in EasyHits4U.

In sum, Paid to Promote is not the best but profitable as once you pick the correct link and correct PTR, you can just sit back and waiting to cash out. However, it take times. You may think those BUX program can give me 0.01 per click. Why I still need to wait for just 1-2 per month? Well, BUX converted to SCAM easily. They always changed to SCAM before you claim you money. You choice for safe and slow or fast and dangerous?

For other reasonable paid program, I will recommend MyLot, a Get Paid to Post program. Also, Birejji, a Get Paid to Chat program. They may not earn fast but you will enjoy exchange idea with those nice members. Enjoy your earning and wish you Good Luck!


Paid To Promote: The Essential Guide

Everything you need to know about Paid To Promote

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