JillsClickCorner Review – Legit

JillsClickCorner is Paid to Click and Paid to Signup (PTC, PTS). Same owner as DonkeyMails. Long history and good reputation since 2006.

Get Paid to Click

Jillsclickcorner with lots of 0.001 links. For Game Tokens!, you can use them to redeem Ads. Since it need 1 USD for cashout, I may take a while without referral. However, you do not need to worry JillsClickCorner will change to SCAM when you almost get 1 USD. As JillsClickCorner is not BUX program. Hence, be paitent and click day to day. You will get pay.

Get Paid to Micro Task

It’s signup section also with some micro task. For example, press like button for Facebook get 0.03 in your account and Jackpot ticket. Not bad! It helps you to reach min cash out much sooner.

You can earn 10% of your direct referral.

Cashout (Fees)
PayPal: 1USD
AlertPay: 1.01 USD
LR: 0.1 USD (20%)

Join JillsClickCorner: http://www.jillsclickcorner.com/members/register.php?ref=taomoney

I Got Paid:

[iframe src=http://taomoney.net/record.php?id=23933 height=100%]

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3 Responses

  1. luis says:

    jillsclickcorner is SCAM!! Actually this site has blocked my account so I asked for a payment!

      look at these sites that pay!


  2. xayro says:

    Hmmmm i have 5 dolars from Jillsclickcorner.com
    And i m still use it. So u just do somtehing wrong with ip?>?>

  3. Quartzsi says:

    Fk this PTC is a SCAM I blocked the account and I can not login tried everything and I can not come back for 3 days had made a charge and I blocked FK YOU sorry for my language but I feel bad I thought it was legitimate but is a shit

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