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Hee is the update review of, the last  review is dated at Jan 2012. The earning method is a little bit changed from those day.

1 cent for 1000 credits

You earn at the rate of 1 cent per 1000 credits earned in a month. If you have more than 100,000 credits, you will be considered as “shareholders” and earn a share of the bonus pot every three months.

1000 Credits per day

Clicking Sponsored Links, to get 1000 credits daily for clicking the sponsored links and submitting your IP address in accordance with the instructions. Do follow the instructions carefully, as I did not follow the step at the very beginning, I did not get any credits even I click every day. After login, you will see below image in the main page. Click the link inside the yellow box.

Both link will open in a new window. Then click the link “see how to claim 1000 credits per day for clicking there sponsored links”. You will see you IP address in the new link, copy the IP address.

In the navigation bar, you will see Paid2Chat, click on it.

Then click on MatesGate Lounge, it is a chat room for you to submit your IP address and also earning chat credits.

Click the username BoostBot in the online list of the chatroom, then a private message will be pop up and paste your IP address at the message box. Done!

Within 24 hours, you will get a message posted in your Profile that 1000 credits added to your account.

If you login and click every day, you will get 1000 credits from clicking and 50 credits from login. That is around 0.3 per month. As the credits will accumulated if you keep login within 14 months, when you have more than 100000 credits, you will get extra share bonus for every 3 months.

Get more credits

  • Referral
    You will earn 10 of referral’s credit balance for the previous month as long as they earned a sufficient number of credits to be paid in that month.
  • Logging In
    50 credits daily (you must actually log in to get these so if you tend to remain constantly logged in, log out and log back in again every day to get your credits)
  • Adding A Photo
    10 credits per upload (not per photo!). Note you must not upload photos or pictures to which you do not own the copyright, if you do then you will be fined 1000 credits per picture.
  • Adding A Video
    10 credits per video linked, you just need to copy and paste the embed code of youtube video, then 10 credits each!
  • Adding An Event
    10 credits per event added
  • Chat
    members using our paid to chat service earn bonus credits for chatting at the rate of one bonus credit per qualifying line
  • Promote2Earn
    you can earn credits for promoting Matesgate, Adspreader and Quizpot with your own Promote2Earn page. You will earn 1 credit for each unique view on your Promote2Earn page.
  • Paid2Watch TV
    you earn 50 credits for watching a channel for 30 minutes or more.

There are more methods to get credits, more credits earning method can be found in FAQ in the site.


Warm Reminder

If you go 14 or more consecutive days without logging in, we reserve to set your credits to zero for inactivity. Hence, all your afford will be gone. If you are not able to login everyday, do login for every 14 days!

A few months before, credits are able to sell or transfer between members. However, it is not allowed any more.

How to cashout?

Now cash out button needed, your payment will be sent automatically on or immediately after the 16th day of each month if you at least have 0.01 for payout. PayPal payments are always sent first. If you selected to be paid by AlertPay must have accrued over $1 to be eligible for payments. If you are eligibile for an AlertPay payment and you have accrued $1 or more, you will be sent a PM with instructions.

You may will not receive payment by PayPal if you have earned less than 1000 credits in the previous month OR if your credit balance for the month being paid is less than the credit balance for the previous month (for example, if you had your credits reset to zero for inactivity) is held by honest owner, you are promoised to get at least 0.3 per month if you login and click 2 link every day. Give it a try, Join

I Got Paid:

[iframe src= height=100%]

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